IV Sedation/General Anesthesia

If the idea of going to the dentist for a procedure brings on feelings of fear or anxiety there are options to ease the anxiety. IV sedation is very safe and easy and is recommended for moderate to severe anxiety and fear. Medication is given by Anesthesiologist right into the blood stream and it works quickly and effectively. Your child will not feel anything during the procedure, and patient will be in a heightened state of relaxation without any anxiety or fear. Child will not remember part or all of the procedure afterwards. For precooperative children, before placing IV, special "sleep gas" is given using a mask and procedure will go very smooth thereafter.

IV sedation makes long or complex procedures seem shorter, allowing patient to have all of work done in a single visit in many cases. As an added precaution a local anesthetic will be given to the area that is being worked on to ensure that there is no pain. The benefit of IV sedation is that the level of medication can be adjusted during the procedure to ensure maximum comfort. Heart rate and breathing are monitored very closely by Anesthesiologist while your child is being medicated because patient's safety is our number one concern. In some cases General Anesthesia ("sleep dentistry") is performed by Anesthesiologist for patient need and comfort and for dental procedures to go very smooth.

Don't wait any longer to have necessary dental work performed because your precious child has a fear of dental procedures or because you as a parent is very concerned how your child will behave during dental work. Ask about IV sedation option to see if it is right for your child.

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