Kids Dentistry

Kids Dentistry

At Cozy Dental we provide full spectrum of dental services for kids and strive for children of all ages to achieve positive dental experience. Each treatment room is equipped with kids friendly environment and overhead ceiling screens to watch favorite Netflix shows. Our compassionate and highly skilled dental personnel will go above and beyond to make dental appointments as comfortable as possible.  

For pre-cooperative and anxious kids extra measures are available to ease treatment. 
Nitrous Oxide (“laughing gas”), Mild Conscious Sedation (Oral Sedation) and IV Sedation/General Anesthesia (Sleep Anesthesia) are necessary options to relieve anxiety and safely provide necessary dental care.

Nitrous Oxide
Our most mild sedation option is nitrous oxide or laughing gas. Nitrous oxide is administered through a small mask that fits over your child’s nose and it is an effective way to calm anxiety. As your child breathes through his or her nose, the gas will produce a calming feeling. Your child will remain awake and will be relaxed and still be able to talk to the dentist. We often describe the affects of nitrous oxide as the warm and fuzzy feeling a child gets when tucked away in a sleeping bag on a camping trip! At the end of your child’s appointment, he or she will breathe pure oxygen for several minutes and the effects of the nitrous will disappear.

Oral Conscious Sedation
For some children where the mild affects of nitrous oxide alone are not strong enough, we offer an oral conscious sedation option. In addition to breathing nitrous, your child will drink a liquid medicine (needle free administration) that will make them feel drowsy and “woozy.” One of the greatest benefits of this option is that while still awake many children will have little to no recollection of the visit due to the amnesia properties of the medicine.  

IV Sedation/General Anesthesia
IV Sedation, also called general anesthesia, uses medications to allow your child to go to sleep for his or her dental treatment. Children with special needs or high levels of anxiety may benefit from IV Sedation. General Anesthesia can also be a good option for patients with extensive tooth decay, multiple teeth, lengthy treatments or for patients who are undergoing surgical dental procedures. During these procedures your child’s breathing, heart rate, and other vital signs will be carefully monitored by a dental anesthesiologist. For GA visit your child  is not allowed to eat or drink 8 hours prior to the procedure in order to assure the stomach is empty. For the rest of the day after the appointment, your child will be sleepy and we recommend minimal activity and resting at home.

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